Job Evaluation with Universal Position Evaluation (Half Day)


Price is what we pay, value is what we get. To put it in HR perspective, companies offer salary, bonus, benefits of all kinds (i.e. price) in exchange for the skills and services from employee in certain position (i.e. value). Since the market is inefficient, prices can always largely deviate from the value of job. Labor cost being one of the biggest expenses in the company, it’s crucial for HR practitioner to get the price of the position right – and we start from evaluating its value.

Hong Kong

December 6, Friday (Afternoon)



In this course, you will learn about all the practical skills you need to know for evaluating a position (course content is subject to adjustments without prior notice):

Job Evaluation​

  • Job evaluation methodologies at a glance

  • Fundamentals and processes of job evaluation

  • Practical skills and judgment in job evaluation

  • Comparison of market evaluation systems and commonalities

  • Conversion with market evaluation systems


Pay Benchmarking 

  • Implications and applications of job sizes

  • Pay benchmarking techniques and practices

  • Evaluating internal equity and external competitiveness using data

Workshop Practice 

  • Evaluate the positions for an organization

Language: English


Vincent Fung is a Managing Consultant who heads up consulting business for multiple industries in Asia Pacific for Comptify. Prior to that, Vincent worked in and was the Consulting Lead for Mercer-HRBS, a company acquired by Mercer in 2015, for more than 12 years. He has undertaken strategic consulting/training and industry-focused roles in the region. He was appointed regularly by a number of public companies for directors remuneration advisory, including a blue-chip company listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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